Q: How to get to Porvidence University?

A: Please refer to webpage of PU: www.pu.edu.tw/english/  (About Us-->Campus Direction)

Q: What is 411 Study Abroad Programme?

A: Go abraod once during winter/summer vacation(one month or one month and half) and being an exchange student once (for one semester or one year)during your four-years student life in Porvidence University, that is so called 411 Study Abroad Programme.
Providence University not only has more than 200 international acdeminc partners around the world but also the only member of ISEP(International Student Exchange Programs) 
in Taiwan. Student who applies for being an exchange student through ISEP can only pay tuition and accomodation fees of Providence University, and pay the living costs in the chosen country which you are going to. Providence University provides a useful and helpful platform for students to accompliment their study-abroad dreams.

Q: How much should student prepare for the tuition fees and living costs during their study in PU.

A: Student is suggested to prepare approximatly NT$50,000~60,000 for tuition fees, NT$11,000~15,000 for accomodation fees, and 
NT$30,000~40,000 for living costs. The minumum costs that studnet is suggested to prepare per semester is NT$91,000~115,000. The minimum costs for one year is NT$200,000~250,000.

Q: How about the Health Insurance in Taiwan?

A: University has helped students obtaining health insurance from Insurance company. Student can enjoy the same right and interests on Health Insurance by paying NT$500 insurance fee per month. The health insurance include all the illsness but the rugularly dental cleaning and teeth whitening.

Q:  Regulation of 

A: University will arrange accomodation for first-year student, but after second year, student needs to draw lots to decide whether you have accomodation in University or not. University will help student who has no accomodation in University finding the appropriate and safe accomodation which close to University.

Q: Where I can go to certificate my highest degree and transcript?

A: Please go to the nearest ambassy in the country which you finish your degree.

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